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New CC/CC in 150W and 300W half brick format from RECOM

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DC/DC features wide and ultra-wide input ranges

RECOM's wide range of affordable DC/DC converters has been expanded with the addition of two products in the industry standard half brick format. Rated at 300W, the REC300H-W has a wide 9V to 36VDC input, while output options are 12V, 15V, 24V, and 48VDC isolated at 3kVDC/1 minute. The REC150H-UW with 150W output has an ultra-wide input range of 9V to 75VDC with the same output voltage options and additional 28V and 54VDC, to suit avionics systems and PoE applications, isolated with 2,5, 1kVDC/XNUMX minute.

Both the REC300H-W and REC150H-UW are tightly regulated and protected against input undervoltage, short circuits, and output overload and overvoltage. The outputs are all adjustable by +/-10%, with remote sensing. An enable input is also provided. Parts are fully sealed and operate at high performance across the entire load range up to a maximum base plate temperature of 105°C, to accommodate demanding environments. Class A and Class B EMC specifications can be met with external filtering.

The half brick format has a size of 57,9 x 61mm and a height of 12,7mm with motherboard cooling. The through-hole pin connections for the REC300H-W and REC150H-UW have a standard arrangement, allowing the parts to be a drop-in replacement for other products on the market for reduced cost and improved performance.

“These new DC/DC covers many popular input voltage ratings with their extended input ranges,” says Matthew Dauterive, RECOM's DC/DC Product Manager, adding, “The output voltage options are also extensive, which makes the parts suitable for many applications including telecom, industrial, aerospace, and PoE.”

Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized dealers or directly from RECOM.