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D4i. What specific information can we obtain from our lighting system?

Author: Adrián Garcés / OLFER Electronics R&D Engineer. Through the definition of control, power and power requirements, the D4i standard...

The need for accuracy and precision in high voltage power supplies

Hafiz Khalid, Director of Product Marketing, XP Power The terms "accurate" and "precise" are not always used exactly and precisely in the...
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Six Ways to Reduce Costs by Measuring Power Quality at Facilities

Markus Bakker, Fluke Corporation It is well known that power quality measurements performed on motors and drives can improve the efficiency of...
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Rubidium signal generators set new benchmarks in the market for purity...

Alexander Chenakin, Suresh Ojha and Sadashiv Phadnis, Anritsu Anritsu's new Rubidium™ signal generators meet today's demand for signal sources...

How to connect the object to be measured

Author: Boris Adlung, Rigol Technologies Europe "Why do I need a probe? Will I be able to use the probe to take all measurements? What are the advantages of this instrument?"...
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High Voltage Power Supply Application

Author: Weiqiang Wu, MEAN WELL Technical Service Center Translation: Olfer Electronics Marketing Department. Switching power supplies are the result of the development of power electronics...

The key to efficient high-voltage battery production      

Precise measurement of low resistance values ​​So that the driver experiences the force of the engine directly in his body when pressing the "accelerator pedal"...
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How the Bode plot extends the applications of the oscilloscope

Introduction In almost all electronic circuits, filters are used for many different frequency ranges, from a few hertz to HF. A filter allows...

The evolution of integrated current sensors goes digital thanks to the first...

Clément Amilien, Global Product Manager for Integrated Sensors. Until now the evolution of integrated current sensors (ICS) has been slow...
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Why 400 MHz spectrum is perfect for critical communications

Its long range, excellent signal penetration, and numerous base station networks in operation make the 400 MHz spectrum...