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Vicor Powering Innovation podcast features DPI UAV Systems' tethered drone

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The first episode of the podcast Powering Innovation explores innovation in tethered UAV systems where power density is needed

The Powering Innovation podcast focuses on the most innovative technologies and discusses how electronic technologies can be applied to overcome real-world challenges. The first episode of the series is about DPI UAV Systems (known as DPI), a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicle systems,

The first episode of Vicor's podcast delves into UAV systems and how DPI is expanding tethered drone communications. Joe Pawelczyk, DPI's Vice President of Operations, joins Robert Gendron, Vicor's Corporate Vice President of Product Development, to discuss leveraging the latest technology to address real-world problems. The episode examines the communications networks required at sea, as well as high-security communications in military applications, and how DPI technology far exceeds current standard specifications. This episode highlights how DPI is taking innovation to new heights with drones that can fly for up to 400 hours without landing.

“The podcast Powering Innovation highlights some of the many ways we can collaborate with our customers to drive innovative technologies through high-density power modules. We hope that this episode, in which we will explore some unique applications and how they are powered, will be of great interest to power designers, especially those designing UAV systems, and to any engineer designing mobile applications where the density of power is a priority," stated Gendron.

Podcast Powering Innovation de Vicor is out now and new episodes are added every month. In it, listeners will be able to learn new ideas about electrification, power challenges, creative power architectures, supply chain problems and other real-world challenges.

The Powering Innovation podcast is available for download via podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Podcasts, among others.