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LEM presents a new CDSR that offers high reliability and safety to home users of electric vehicle chargers


LEM has introduced a new product belonging to its CDSR series of residual current monitors. The new product, now available with three types of outputs (fault output, SPI bus and analog output) increases the level of safety and reliability in AC wall chargers and charging cables.

LEM's new CDSR, which offers cost-effective leakage current detection, reduces electromagnetic interference, assists in preventive maintenance, improves the reliability of AC electric vehicle (EV) chargers and provides users with confidence in the security of your charging system.

LEM's new CDSR, which is based on LEM's magnetic induction technology, offers the highest level of performance in its segment and is a Type B RCM.

Compliant with international tripping standards (IEC 62752/62955/UL 2231), the CDSR family is suitable for AC charging systems from 3,3 to 22 kW and is supplied in single-phase and three-phase versions.

As EVs become popular, users need a reliable and safe way to charge their vehicles from their home's AC supply. Since EVs use a high-voltage battery, they are also a high-power energy source. This must be carefully monitored to avoid any electric shock to users or damage to the protection of the home's switchboard, such as the RCM A that protects it against electrical hazards.

Meeting these requirements requires a highly accurate AC and DC leakage current monitoring method capable of measuring leakage as low as 5 mA; some are 10.000 times smaller than the current flowing through the conductor.

The LEM CDSR family achieves this thanks to LEM's magnetic induction technology with fixed phase current. This technology uses mechanical placement to optimize performance, making it the most accurate non-contact technology available today.

It also ensures ease of integration and layout of the feed track design thanks to its unique vertical shape. The CDSR's external test winding, which offers isolation in a compact solution, is also easily accessible for the customer to test the sensor.

The high levels of reliability and safety of the LEM CDSR family allow manufacturers and users of AC wall chargers and charging cables to take full advantage of the benefits offered by leakage current sensors. Among these advantages is the reduction of electromagnetic interference that can affect nearby electronic equipment, thus improving the electromagnetic compatibility of the charger in general.

CDSR can also help with preventive maintenance, alerting you to potential problems before they become serious and lowering long-term repair costs. The device allows small leaks to be detected from the first signs of a deviation from normal behavior.

By ensuring current leakage issues are detected and resolved quickly, the CDSR family improves the reliability of EV AC chargers and reduces unplanned downtime.

It also offers more confidence to EV owners as the presence of leakage current sensors in an EV charger demonstrates the manufacturer's commitment to safety and quality. LEM backs you up with the high reliability of the CDSR, which comes with a five-year warranty.