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jueves , septiembre 24 2020
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Rigol Extends Their Offer to Address Automotive Applications

CAN, LIN and FlexRay Decodes available for DS/MSO4000 Scope Series

Rigol Technologies EU GmbH increases the attractivity of their Mid Range Oscilloscope Series DS/ MSO4000 and offers now the options CAN, LIN and FlexRay Bus Decoding and completes the offer for automotive standard busses. CAN Bus and LIN Bus are the most implemented bus systems at motor vehicles. While the CAN Bus is used for secure, important functions, the LIN Bus is used at low risk, low security functions as for example integrations within the door or the seat region. The new possible enhancement options like Bandwidth Upgrade or Serial Bus Decoding helps to lower the first investment costs and to ease the first step to the MSO/DS4000 range. It is possible to start with a cheaper, lower bandwidth model and upgrade the bandwidth later, when the requirements change. A typical case where this scenario can happen is, when simply the frequency of the test signal changes to higher values or if faster edges need to be measured. Rigol offers three upgrade options, which are available for the DS models as well as for the MSO models (Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes) of the 4000 series. This extension can also be used with scopes that have already been purchased. The only prerequisite is that the latest version of firmware is installed on the oscilloscope. So users can verify and evaluate a low cost Rigol oscilloscope to get first experience and can share with all responsible persons the results about the great quality of Rigol products compared to other named supplier. Later they can decide to upgrade for example to a higher bandwidth if needed, to address much more complex and higher speed application. So there is no risk to lose money before you decide to move to a new supplier like Rigol for high end products. In addition for a limited time Rigol Technologies starts the “Buy one – Get all” promotion, which allows customers to buy the complete software package for the price of the lowest option. The following serial bus decode software options of the MSO/DS4000 series are included: RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN und FlexRay. Customer can save up to 2,333 Euros. Order info: BND-MSO/DS4000, including all options (SD-RS232-DS4000, SD-I2C/SPI-DS4000, SD-AUTO-DS4000 and SD-FlexRay-DS4000) for only € 549,00 net. The following options are included for free when purchasing a new MSO/ DS4000: 1. BND-MSO/DS4000 2. BW2T3-MSO/DS4000 – Bandwidth upgrade: buy one 200 MHz Oscilloscope (DS/ MSO402x) and get a free of charge upgrade to 350 MHz. 3. BW3T5-MSO/DS4000 – Bandwidth upgrade: buy one 350 MHz Oscilloscope (DS/ MSO403x) and get a free of charge upgrade to 500 MHz. With the current offer Rigol Technologies shows again their best price/ performance ratio of their products. Of course included is the standard warranty of 3 years.


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