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martes , octubre 20 2020
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Get the Rugged Infineon XMC1000 Industrial MCUs In Stock at Mouser

Mouser Electronics, Inc., is now stocking the XMC1000 ARM® Cortex M0 32-bit Industrial Microcontrollers from Infineon Technologies. With this new product offering, Mouser Electronics is now the first to stock the entire Infineon XMC family of microcontrollers and boasts the broadest offering of Infineon XMC MCUs available for same-day shipping. This new XMC series is built on Infineon’s leading edge 65nm manufacturing process and offers a wide range of options for a single microcontroller (MCU) family, including hardware support for trigonometric arithmetic, Flash memory sizes of up to 200KBytes, and a wide operating voltage. These microcontrollers are rated at up to 105°C, meeting the requirements for harsh industrial applications.

The Infineon XMC1000 32-bit Industrial Microcontrollers, available from Mouser Electronics, offer an unprecedented range of options for a microcontroller family. These MCUs are based on a 32MHz ARM Cortex M0, an easy to learn 32-bit core that is a suitable replacement for many high-end industrial 8 bit MCUs. The high end XMC1300 boasts 200KBytes of on-chip Flash memory with error correction and 16KBytes of zero wait state SRAM. 8KBytes of boot ROM provides device the initialization code, exception vector tables, and device ID information. A wide assortment of serial ports and timers are available, as well as a fast 12 channel, 12 bit analog to digital converter (ADC). A CORDIC unit, a specialized math coprocessor that provides trigonometric, linear, and hyperbolic calculations along with 32 bit division, is also on chip.

The XMC1000 family features specialized peripherals for industrial control including Infineon’s CCU4 time unit for precision timing functions; the CCU8 timer for complex timing applications such as high end motor control, multi-phase systems, and direct torque control of AC motors; interfaces for hall and quadrature encoders for motor positioning; and a Brightness and Color Control Unit (BCCU) for industrial LED color and dimming lighting applications.

A window watchdog timer provides software security for safety sensitive applications. A Real Time Clock (RTC) supports an alarm interrupt at any selected time, and a System Control Unit (SCU) provides specialized system stability functions including memory protection, clock and voltage monitoring, and clock system control. A pseudo random number generator provides fast random data for encryption applications. Operating voltage is a wide 1.8V to 5.5V.

The XMC1000 targets harsh industrial control applications including high end motor control, digital power conversion, and LED lighting applications.

To learn more, visit: http://www. With its broad product line and unsurpassed customer service, Mouser caters to design engineers and buyers by delivering What’s Next in advanced technologies.

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