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Single-Wire Bus – Simple, Practical, Viable


Single-Wire Bus – Simple, Practical, Viable
Author: Karl-Heinz Willingshofer, Field Application Engineer for analogue products at Avnet-Memec

A single-wire or 1-wire data bus is a serial data bus. Its architecture comprises a master that communicates with one or more slaves. Data exchange can do without a separate clock line if the master is taking care of data line timing. This structure lends itself for applications that feature relatively time-uncritical communication tasks such as sensor readout, actuator control, or saving measurement data or parameters that have to be available on demand. The bus can exchange data in two directions; it can however only operate in half-duplex mode. Data transmission is performed at a data rate of 15kbits/sec in standard speed or 111kbits/sec in Overdrive mode.