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Get High Shock Value with Murata’s PKGS Series Vibration Sensors Available from Mouser

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is stocking the PKGS Series Vibration Sensors from Murata. Engineered with a small footprint and low profile, these highly sensitive and extremely durable sensors offer excellent linearity in detecting shocks up to 3000G’s.

The PKGS Series Vibration Sensors provide a high resonant frequency and wide available bandwidth. These sensors are constructed with an inclined primary axis so they can be easily fitted into a variety of ultra-sensitive devices such as hard disk drives (HDDs), optical drives, and optical-magnetic drives.

The Murata PKGS Series Vibration Sensors, available from Mouser Electronics, are designed as acceleration sensors with two terminals that can detect acceleration and shock from an electrical signal that is applied from outside the sensor enclosure. Using original polarization technology, the shock sensor is clamped at the two-end using bimorph piezo elements, giving the sensor even higher sensitivity and exceptional durability.

All the ceramic shock piezoelectric sensors within the PKGS series provide little non-linearity at only one percent (typical), with a transverse sensitivity at just two percent (typical). Each device runs at an operating temperature of -40°C to 85°C. Sensitivity, capacitance, resonant frequency and shock resistance are unique to each device, and vary based on specific application requirements. Also unique to each sensor within the PKGS series is the inclined angle and degree of the device on its primary axis. Inclined angles are available at 0 and 25 degrees.

The PKGS Series Vibration Sensors are ideal for a variety of sensor applications, including hard disk drive data write protection when shock is applied from the outside, shock detection and protection in DVD, CD-R and CD-RW devices, pick-up control for disk type storage in digital cameras and camcorders, and any other applications requiring shock or acceleration detection.

Murata’s PKGS Series Vibration Sensors are offered in a re-flow solderable surface mount package in different low-profile formats and dimensions, and are available in tape and reel packaging through Mouser Electronics.