Inicio Instrumentación DATA MODUL offers added value display solutions by KOE

DATA MODUL offers added value display solutions by KOE

DATA MODUL is offering KOE products that are enhanced by added value solutions that improve display performance. Added value is generated by IPS like technology enabling wide viewing angles, glass bonding technology enabling sunlight readability or touch panel technologies enabling user interfaces.
The latest addition to the KOE technology is called IPS like technology, giving TN based TFT displays a wide viewing angle of 80 degrees in all directions enabling concise, clear colour images and information to be displayed. These displays yet remain a viable cost effective display solution. This latest technology is now available in 5.0”, 5.7”, 6.2” and 6.5” and under preparation for 7.0”, 8.0” and 10.4”.
The use of optical bonding technology coupled with an anti-reflection (AR) or anti-glare (AG) polarizer can significantly improve the optical performance of the display. KOE is able to offer optical bonding to most of their products at request. Besides the manufacturer solution, DATA MODUL can offer their own optical bonding solution so that customers always have a choice of solutions.
Many applications and systems will require user inputs to be applied directly to the graphical interface via a touch panel. 4-wire resistive touch panels have been available on most KOE LCD displays for a long time. Also, 5-wire resistive touch panels are available on demand. A more recent and inspiring addition is the projected capacitive touch panel technology. KOE is now offering a 7.0” standard p-Cap solution with I2C (TX18D37VM0ARA) or USB interface (TX18D37VM0AQA). Other sizes are available as easyTOUCH from DATA MODUL – standard as well as customized solutions.
Based on their own capabilities and enhanced supplier capabilities such as above, DATA MODUL will be able to address every needs and demands of specific application requirements with a targeted solution. 
AUO G190EAN01.0 – Very good readability because of AHVA Technology
The right information from any perspective
• 19” color TFT with 48.3 cm screen size in SXGA resolution
• Industrial product with long-term availability
• Very little color inversion
• Contrast ratio 1000 : 1
AU Optronics – worldwide one of the biggest TFT manufacturer with own glass production in Taiwan, offers a wide product range of displays. For all TFTs out of the industrial division (from 4.3” to 24”) AUO assures a minimum availability of 3 years. Besides some wide format (16 : 9) panels, AUO also places new products on the market in square 5 : 4 format. 
One new product – G190EAN01.0 has been designed especially for the medical market. Because of the used AHVA (similar to AFFS – advanced fringe field switching) technology the content can be read well out of all different views. Especially with monochrome contents, there is only very little color inversion. 
Depending on the application in which a panel will be used, AUO offers TFTs in TN-technology (twisted nematic) as well as in MVA-technology (multi-domain vertical alignment). 
Every cell technology has got advantages as well as disadvantages on behalf of contrast ratio, viewing angle, temperature range, color inversion, price, etc. 
AUO is checking all features very carefully to design a suitable product per application with the prefect price-quality-scale. With a brightness of 300°C and a temperature range of 0 to +50°C, the G190EAN01.0 can be used for many indoor, medical applications. 
For the future AUO is planning some more new products in 19” size. 
End of this year the new G190ETN01.2 (TN-technology) with an operating temperature range of -35 + 85°C will be ready. Furthermore there is a new monochrome display planned with a brightness of 1000 cd. We are your partner for everything else besides the pure panel, such as embedded systems, analog interface boards, touch panels which can be integrated or bonded in our own clean room.
Datamodul le ofrece TFTs personalizados
Disfruta de nuestro soporte de diseño excepcional y características únicas para el diseño de su perfecto TFT personalizado. Dependiendo del tamaño de la pantalla, DATA MODUL es capaz de ofrecer totalmente TFTs personalizados a partir de 800 unidades al mes. La forma y la resolución es de libre elección, las tecnologías Wide View están disponibles y la interfaz puede ser adaptada a sus necesidades. 
Opcionalmente, paneles táctiles resistivas y capacitivas pueden ser ensambladas en nuestras propias salas limpias y también podemos ofrecer acoplamiento óptico para permitir un rendimiento óptico máximo.
Además se le puede dar un enfoque especial a su diseño con una disponibilidad a largo plazo mediante la selección de componentes con garantía de larga vida útil.
Los Semi-Custom LCD son también una opción interesante. Los cambios en el backlight, la inyección de piezas moldeadas o el cable de conexión se puede realizar con un precio competitivo por DATA MODUL. Mas info en