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jueves , diciembre 3 2020
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Enabling your innovation for more than 40 years!

Join the Celebration!

From our humble beginnings in 1972, we have been providing quality, name-brand, electronic components for design engineers and Makers (before they were even called Makers) as they have driven technology innovation. Learn more about one of our key customers who helped us reach this monumental occasion.


Ikor Spain is committed to innovation that provides a total service for the design and manufacture of electronic circuits (EMS). Ikor specialises solutions throughout a products entire life cycle, from design, engineering and production, to distribution and after-sales service. The IKOR Technology Centre, also helps develop tailor-made solutions that include product innovation, cost savings, greater efficiency in the supply chain and improvements in the time it takes to place the product in the market.

Join us for the next 50 million! 


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