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Well prepared to build a smart world


Innodisk AIoT solutions target electric vehicle and smart city

Innodisk, a leading global provider of industrial memory and flash solutions, reflects on its AIoT triumphs last year and the forecast for 2022. Even now in 2022, AIoT is still a rumor that business leaders cannot ignore, although many do not. are still unsure how to put the pieces of the AIoT puzzle together or where to start. The business proposition is clear, with an expected annual growth of 39,1% over the next five years. To seize AIoT market opportunities in 2021, Innodisk partnered with its subsidiaries to form an AIoT data-driven ecosystem called “AIoT comprehensive service” who combine their expertise in providing a complete industrial AIoT package.

After one year, Innodisk's recent experience confirms this market trend with projects related to the AIoT doubling every year. Further evaluation reveals that the main focus is on the fields of 5G, networks, infrastructure and automation.

Innodisk is now taking another step forward, especially with industrial-grade storage, memory, and embedded peripherals and software that enable integration into AIoT technology solutions that withstand high vibrations and harsh outdoor environments, such as those in AI robots and electric vehicles.

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AI robots have earned a place as the contactless delivery method of choice for hotels, hospitals and airports during the pandemic. These electronic assistants respect contact and social distance restrictions while reducing staff workloads. Innodisk collaborated with a high-tech company in the smart service industries to integrate their custom SSDs into their AI robots, ensuring reliable operation.

Electric vehicles put a lot of stress on the electronics, with vibrations and temperatures exceeding the thresholds of standard equipment. A multinational technology company used Innodisk's high-temperature DRAM modules, industrial-grade flash storage, and its subsidiary Antzer's GPS Tracker in its EV truck. The result is a retail delivery system that benefits from AI technology and reduces polluting and noise emissions.

Eric Chang, Special Advisor at Innodisk, says that "we are convinced that the growth of AIoT applications will continue to grow in 2022, especially for electric vehicle and smart city applications." In addition, he adds that “electric vehicles such as buses, trucks and logistics, and fleet management will all grow. Smart cities are in the spotlight as more and more countries invest in building technology to take advantage of AIoT and smart cities, including smart street lights and surveillance systems.” Innodisk is perfectly prepared for these technological advances and has set itself the goal of "building an intelligent world".