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Semtech, SkyLab and HeNet supply LoRa®-based multi-band gateways to Stena Line ships

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This collaboration marks the launch of the first multi-band gateways using LoRa® to optimize maritime logistics and monitor navigation conditions

Semtech Corporation has announced a collaboration with SkyLab, an independent provider of wireless sensors, GPS monitoring and tracking systems, and HeNet BV, developers of LongAP, to provide a dual-band network using LoRa devices.® by Semtech on the LongAP Pro gangway for the Stena Line ferry MV Stena Hollandica.

Leveraging Semtech's 2,4GHz LoRa Gateway Reference Design, this innovative dual-band gateway complements the coverage of the LoRaWAN standard® sub-GHz with the support of the 2,4GHz global ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) band in order to optimally cover the global needs of maritime logistics and monitoring of navigation conditions.

“Asset tracking and monitoring of navigation conditions is now easier thanks to our work with Semtech and their 2,4GHz LoRa technology through HeNet BV's LongAP Pro gateway,” said Remy Sr de Jong, Director SkyLab BV technician “As a result of this collaboration we offer a unique dual-band network that is perfect for shipping companies such as Stena Line, to support the approximately 28.000 annual sailings, as well as to ensure customer satisfaction and follow-up/monitoring safely of the millions of tons of goods carried by the ship”.

When there is a need for continuous tracking and tracing of ships and land transport in different regions of the world, a gateway that offers full coverage using the 2,4GHz and sub-GHz bands can simplify the roaming of trackers and sensors.

“In times like today, when global supply chains are under pressure around the world to increase their visibility and predictability, Semtech continues to evolve to meet these challenges by expanding our LoRa portfolio through multi-band capabilities” said Marc Pégulu, vice president of IoT product marketing and strategy in Semtech's Sensing and Wireless Products Group. “The availability of a simplified and cost-effective multi-band solution opens up the possibility of adding new applications in asset tracking around the world, such as maritime logistics, thanks to the integrated LoRa capabilities.”