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RF power measurements up to an unrivaled 90 GHz with new R&S NRP90S(N) power sensors

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Rohde & Schwarz, the only provider of fast diode sensors for power measurements up to 67 GHz, has increased the maximum measurable frequency to 90 GHz, thus surpassing any other diode sensor currently available on the market. Diode technology allows very fast and precise power measurements using portable, compact and lightweight instruments that offer maximum sensitivity. High-speed power measurements can now be made at all frequencies above 67 GHz intended for 5G networks, satellite communications applications, and automotive radars, including the entire E-band.

The new R&S NRP90S(N) diode power sensors for power measurements up to 90 GHz

The new R&S NRP90S and R&S NRP90SN power sensors from Rohde & Schwarz provide power measurements with hitherto unknown performance. The new instruments combine an extraordinary frequency range of 50 MHz to 90 GHz with a dynamic range of -70 dBm to 20 dBm, along with high speeds of 50 measurements per second. Compared to current thermal power sensors for measurements above 000 GHz, diode technology increases the dynamic range of power measurement by 67 dB and allows measurement times to be considerably reduced.

The expansion of the maximum frequency from 67 GHz to 90 GHz allows the new sensors to cover the latest spectrum allocation for 5G FR2-2 up to 71 GHz, satellite communications in both the 71 GHz to 76 GHz band and the from 81 GHz to 86 GHz, automotive radars with operating frequencies from 76 GHz to 81 GHz, and other lower frequency wireless transmission technologies.

With their portable form factor and flexible modes of operation, all R&S NRPxxS power sensors are ideal for both local and remote installation, maintenance and monitoring applications. Users will enjoy maximum operating flexibility. The power sensors can be connected to an R&S NRX power meter, to certain Rohde & Schwarz signal generators and analyzers, or to a PC running the R&S NRPV virtual power meter software. They support the industry-leading USBTMC industrial protocol for easy integration into test systems. The R&S NRPxxSN also features an Ethernet interface for remote control over LAN.

The new R&S NRP90S and R&S NRP90SN power sensors are now available from Rohde & Schwarz. For more information on these and other Rohde & Schwarz RF and microwave power meters, visit the Rohde & Schwarz website