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Powerbox's 1200W power supply with adjustable "near zero" output voltage and current for conduction cooling applications

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Powerbox's new OFI1200A 1200W power supply is optimized for conduction cooling required by demanding industrial applications

Powerbox has announced the launch of the OFI1200A 1200W AC/DC power supply for industrial applications. Optimized for conduction cooling, the OFI1200A delivers high levels of performance across a motherboard temperature range of -40 to +95 degrees C without the need for a fan. The power supply operates with a wide universal input range of 85 to 305VAC with Power Factor Correction (PFC). Covering a wide range of applications, its output voltage and current can be adjusted from almost zero to the maximum allowed for each model.

Several industrial applications require power supplies to operate with limited or no cooling. In this sense, those that operate in difficult environments in which electronic equipment is installed in a sealed box, radio communication systems subject to adverse weather conditions, outdoor screens and traffic signaling, and indoor equipment with restrictions of audible noise very strict. In addition to environmental requirements, reliability and cost of maintenance motivate system designers not to use fans and blowers.

Conduction cooling requires very specific construction practices and the PRBX OFI1200A has been designed to ensure optimal heat transfer from the heatsink components to the motherboard, delivering a high level of performance within an operating temperature of -40 to + 95 degrees Celsius on the motherboard. Depending on the mounting method and general cooling conditions, a power reduction may be applied as specified in the technical documentation.

To cover a wide range of applications, the OFI1200A works with a wide universal input range of 85 to 305VAC (nominal 100 to 277VAC). The unit includes a PFC with a coefficient of 0,98/0,95 (110VAC/230VAC).

The OFI1200A is available in three single output direct voltage versions, 12V/84A; 28V/43A and 48V/25A. Using a high efficiency topology, the typical efficiency from the 48V output unit to the 230VAC input is an excellent 92%.

Industrial applications, such as professional lighting or even low power electrolyzers, require that the power supply supply a constant current and that this is easily adjustable. Often these pieces of equipment operate in environments that require electronics to be enclosed and protected from hazards. This requires the power supply to offer external control to adjust the output voltage and/or current from the maximum allowed to near zero.

To allow customers to fine tune the voltage and current to their application, the OFI1200A offers two analog inputs, VTRM and ITRM. Using these functions, the output voltage and current can be adjusted from near zero to the maximum specified by model. For example, the 28V output can be adjusted from near zero volts to 33,6V, and the output current from near zero amps to 43A. The output voltage can also be adjusted using the built-in potentiometer.

The extended control and adjustment function simplifies the use of the power supply in constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) mode, without the need to add external circuitry.

For applications requiring redundancy or increased power, up to nine units can be connected in parallel, providing an impressive total power level of up to 9.720 W in conduction cooling mode. To maintain the highest level of efficiency when operating in parallel or in redundancy mode, an optional active ORing circuit using high-performance FET technology (Option-OR) is available on the OFI1200A28 and OFI1200A48.

For safety, the OFI1200A has an isolation IN/OUT of 3.000VAC and IN/FG of 2.000VAC. The output isolation to FG is 500VAC. The power supply includes protection against overcurrent with automatic recovery, overvoltage and overtemperature.

The OFI1200A card includes easy access to auxiliary functions through the connectors on the card, specifically: Remote Control, Output Voltage Detection, Power Good, VTRM, ITRM.

The OFI1200A has passed the shock and vibration tests specified in the MIL-STD-810H standard. In this sense, the products have been tested at levels well above normal operating conditions and are designed to withstand high level shocks, 20G.

In its open form, the OFI1200A measures 142 x 39 x 260 mm (5,59 x 1,54 x 10,36 inches) and weighs a maximum of 1,2 kg. There is an optional metal cover that adds just 1mm to the height and 200 grams to the weight (option N).

With its design optimized for conduction cooling, the OFI1200A is suitable for applications that require a quiet power solution, such as in a control room. It is also suitable for industrial applications where forced air ventilation is not possible due to environmental constraints. Connected to a chassis or a cooling pad, the OFI1200A can deliver impressive power levels with a high level of reliability.

The OFI1200A is certified to UL62368-1 3rd Edition, cUL (equivalent to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 62368-1).

The OFI1200A series has a full three-year warranty and is compliant with the European RoHS, REACH and low voltage directives. The product bears the CE, UKCA and cURus marks.

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