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New e-book from Qorvo and Mouser Electronics exploring the future of automotive design

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Mouser Electronics has announced a new e-book, in collaboration with Qorvo, that will highlight the technological innovations that are changing the design of automobiles. In The future of the automotive, Qorvo and Mouser subject matter experts deliver rich, actionable technology reviews including vehicle-to-everything (V2X) architectures, ultra-wideband (UWB) communications, and on-board chargers (OBCs) for electric vehicles.

The automotive industry is experiencing a wide range of technological innovations. As automakers invest in electric vehicle design, the way we power our vehicles is changing as well. At the same time, new technologies and components enable the design of connected vehicles. These advanced cars feature more safety options than their predecessors, while also supporting a variety of new passenger infotainment options. The future of the automotive, the new e-book from Mouser and Qorvo, offers an in-depth collection of articles that explores the products and solutions that lay the foundation for these innovations.

The e-book highlights product information for six specific Qorvo solutions that connect automotive designers with the components that will enable the next generation of automotive designs. The QPF1002Q automotive front-end module is optimized for V2X cellular systems, and supports real-time monitoring via low-latency direct transmission in the 5.9 GHz intelligent transportation system (ITS) band. The QPF1003Q Wi-Fi front module® from Qorvo is designed for multi-standard systems and enables Wi-Fi infotainment in connected vehicles.

The e-book also includes information on the BAW QPQ2200Q 5855-5925 MHz RF filter. This QPQ2200Q filter allows Wi-Fi and LTE signals to coexist with C-V2X/DSRC signals from a connected vehicle and is compatible with the set of simultaneous functions required for a next-generation automotive experience.

The Qorvo product line, available from Mouser, includes amplifiers, drivers, transistors, and evaluation kits. To learn more about Qorvo, visit the Mouser Electronics website.