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New DC/DC converters on DIN rail and 15W and 20W chassis for industrial and IT applications

XP Power announces the availability of 2 new series of wide input range DC/DC converters. The flexibility of its specifications allows devices with incompatible voltages to be easily integrated into industrial systems. The DTJ15 and DTJ20 series are designed to facilitate their installation and operation. They can be installed in a chassis or on a DIN rail, and connected via screw terminals. In addition, they do not require additional components for protection and compliance with EMC. These series offer 15W and 20W of power and are suitable for a wide variety of applications including process control and supervision, industrial robotics, elevators and escalators, security monitors, gaming, access control, communications and telemetry, to name just a few. .
An important feature of these new DC/DC is its wide input range (4:1), covering from 9VDC to 36VDC and from 18VDC to 75VDC, ideal for a variety of input voltages, including multiple nominal battery voltages and also the of vehicles, without having to use several DC/DC converters in the same application. Both series offer a total of 14 variants with single outputs (3.3V, 5.0V, 12.0V & 15.0V) and double outputs (±5.0V, ±12.0V & ±15.0V), in the two input ranges. The models with single outputs allow the output to be adjusted by ±10%, in order to compensate for voltage drops in the wiring when the load is in a distant location.
A remote on / off control allows the DC/DC to be governed by software, which can work efficiently with installations located in remote locations. A reverse polarity protection provides peace of mind should devices be inadvertently wired incorrectly during installation, while built-in input and output protection ensures that the load and DC-DC converter are always protected from any power condition. failed. Complying with EN55032 Class A without the need to add external components means no extra work to be done during installation to achieve EMC compatibility. These DC-DC can operate with temperature ranges of up to 100ºC, allowing them to be used in hostile environments, as well as in hermetic environments (such as IP67) where there is no forced airflow. The ability to operate at altitudes up to 5000m ensures that the DTJ15 and DTJ20 can be deployed around the world. The DTJ15 and DTJ20 series are available in Spain and Portugal through the local specialized distributor VENCO Electrónica SA and include a 3-year warranty.