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Mouser Spotlight: Development Kits

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Mouser adds security, IoT and low energy wireless technology to its range of development kits

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry's leading New Product Distributor (NPI) with the largest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, recently expanded its line of microcontroller development kits to include comprehensive security features of IoT, LPWAN and engine control for cars.

Microcontroller development kits offer engineers a fast track to evaluate new embedded system designs and create prototypes. With today's time-to-launch pressures, it's crucial that engineering teams expedite the architecture selection and initial design phases to keep projects on schedule. With development kits, the right software libraries, and code samples, engineers can quickly assess device capabilities and demo initial product features and functionality.

New development kits available from Mouser include:

– Microchip Technology's WBZ451 Curiosity card is a powerful prototyping platform for Microchip's WBZ451PE, which combines Bluetooth ® Low Energy (BLE) and Zigbee RF module® 2,4 GHz. The card is powered via USB or a Li-Po battery, and includes a user LED, a user-configurable switch, and an RGB LED connected to a PWM output. This well-equipped card includes other Microchip ICs, such as the MCP73871 Li-ion or Li-Po battery charger, the MCP9700A low-power temperature sensor, and the SST26VF064B 64 Mb external QSPi flash memory. Microchip's SAME70 microcontroller, and sensors or peripheral ICs can be added via the card's mikroBUS connector.

– For prototyping LPWAN LoRa designs, Connected Development's XCVR SX126x Reference Design and Development Board is a cost-effective, proven and effective development platform for evaluating the Semtech SX126x 915 MHz sub-GHz transceiver. Suited to a wide variety of IoT use cases, from smart meters to agricultural sensors, LoRa offers an exceptional 170 dB link budget and programmable connection speeds from 62,5 to 300 kbps. The transceiver offers a receive sensitivity of up to -148 dBm and a switchable transmit power of +15 or +22 dBm. To facilitate prototyping, the XCVR SX126x is presented on an Arduino Uno shield board. Supported software includes devices from Nordic Semiconductor (Zephyr and MBED) and the BG21 series of BLE SoCs from Silicon Labs.

– Security has become a vital aspect of any IoT application, and the OPTIGA™ Trust M IoT Security Development Kit from Infineon Technologies provides embedded developers with the ability to assess end-to-end security and prototype security applications. that security for IoT use cases. The card, comprised of Infineon's OPTIGA Trust M security IC, Infineon's PSoC 62 Arm Cortex-M4/M0 microcontroller, and AIROC CYW43012 low-power Wi-Fi wireless transceiver® and Infineon Bluetooth 5.0, includes two ready-to-use IoT security examples. Other use cases such as IP protection, offloading cryptographic operations, and secure firmware updates can also be prototyped. Examples of applications are smart door locks, smart lighting, and industrial automation.

– With NXP Semiconductors' MCSPTE1AK344 Motor Control Development Kit, available from Mouser, automotive engineers can design a variety of 32-phase PMSM and BLDC motor control applications. With the 7-bit Arm Cortex-M32 S3K26 microcontroller series and a functional safety FS26262 system base IC, designs compliant with the ASIL D standard of ISO XNUMX can be developed, such as active suspensions, electric powertrains, electric turbos and HVAC pumps. The kit includes a low voltage three-phase permanent magnet motor and current and position sensors.

In the first quarter of 2023, Mouser introduced more than 15000 new items.