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Mouser Introduces New Issue of Methods Technology Magazine Uses Immersive Technology to Explore Altered Perceptions

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Mouser Electronics announces the latest issue of Methods technology and solutions magazine. Immersive Technology, the third issue of the fourth volume, offers a collection of articles exploring emerging technologies, including Augmented Reality (AR), Extended Reality (ER), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality. (VR), an integral part of our way of living, working and studying in new sensory environments.

"Immersive technologies like VR and AR are always at the forefront as innovative companies want to redefine the way we collaborate, communicate and spend time together," said Kevin Hess, Mouser Electronics' senior vice president of marketing. . "The latest issue of Methods goes beyond the noise and explains some of the most important technologies underpinning these new apps and what they mean for the future of work and entertainment."

The Immersive Technology issue includes contributions from leading subject matter experts from the fields of robotics, VR, and immersive collaboration. The issue offers several articles on the technological advances and engineering challenges that shape new sensory applications, as well as texts on product creation and 3D sound.

In addition to Methods technology and solutions magazine, Mouser offers a wide variety of technical resources for buyers and design engineers, including blogs and eBooks. Mouser's content platform includes exclusive design resources, technical documentation, videos, and product information that enable design engineers to break new ground in product development and innovation.

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