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eco friendly led drivers

The commitment to biodegradable, ecological and recyclable products is increasing. The electronics industry is not far behind when it comes to this matter and OLFER Electronics works in this line with international suppliers with whom it shares this idea. A cleaner future is our commitment.

From Electrónica OLFER we are talking about the Eaglerise Orbis Project, which has been created with the aim of finding a solution to the growing challenge of the flow of electronic waste. Since the recycling of these components is a challenge that companies have to face today.

The purpose of this Eaglerise project is to manufacture a more ecological LED driver. For this, a recycled plastic box and a printed circuit board made of an innovative material made from natural fibers will be used.

The motherboard of this device is made from the Soluboard® patent, a fully biodegradable material whose main ingredient is a natural fiber, which means that its carbon footprint is much lower than existing alternatives on the market.

This organic structure allows that, by immersing the PCB in hot water, the conductive minerals can be easily separated, thus facilitating their recycling. This means that all the metals contained in the motherboard can be recovered in a better way and thus reduce environmental damage.

In addition to this biodegradable material that integrates the motherboard, the driver box is made of recycled polycarbonate. 98% of the material used to manufacture the box is recycled for buckets of water and car headlights, which includes 25% of the recycled derived from ITE (?).

Until now Eaglerise presents us with a first prototype of this device, a 30W LED driver based on an existing one, since its feasibility and long-term reliability have to be studied, but it is a step forward to be able to develop more ecological products.

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