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European Commission and the investment plan to increase chip manufacturing


Due to the low amount of semiconductors, there are many problems in Europe with regard to the manufacture of both computers and cars... The European Commission is creating a plan to establish manufacturing of these chips in Europe.

As all large investments are generating fear in various European partners, the countries with the greatest economic capital such as Italy, Germany, France... are concerned about all that this large investment of public money entails.

To get an idea, if they stopped importing chips to us today, the factories of technological devices such as household appliances, would stop being able to manufacture in about 3 or 4 weeks.

We are talking about the fact that 50% of semiconductors are produced in Taiwan, if they stopped exporting there would be a long delay in the manufacture of technological products in Europe and for this reason we need self-supply of these semiconductors and not have to depend on others countries.

What they want to do with this investment is to invest about 40 million euros in increasing the number of chip factories in Europe. This is a long-term project and by 2030 there would be many more factories fully operational.