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Fundamentals of Measurement 2014. «Challenges of Measurement and Applications in the New Digital Systems and RF/Mw»

Current trends in the electronics and telecommunications market force professionals to face new technologies and increasingly complex situations, having to find solutions with an increasingly limited budget. 

Knowing general purpose instrumentation and its applications to specific testing needs from the component level to the communication system not only shortens the design/development and testing cycle, but is also essential for obtaining accurate and successful results. 

In this seminar, we will present the internal architecture of the instrumentation and the theoretical and practical measurement fundamentals necessary for the characterization of RF devices in the following areas: Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, and Signal Analyzers; using RF equipment in demonstrations. 

The seminar agenda will be as follows: 

9:00 Presentation and welcome
9:10 Oscilloscope – Fundamentals and Applications
10:45 Café
11:15 Spectral Analysis and Practical Aspects of Measurement
12:45 Signal Analysis – Fundamentals and Custom Digital Modulations
13:30 Closing
How to sign up:
Registration for this seminar is free and the number of places is limited. You can register through the page websites, by calling 800 000 154 or if you prefer, send a message with your contact details tocontactcenter_spain@keysight.com, specifying the day and place you want to attend.