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Increased security for the Internet of Things


Würth Elektronik has signed a collaboration agreement with Crypto Quantique. The collaboration with the specialist for quantum-based cybersecurity in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) improves the security of Würth Elektronik's radio modules.

Würth Elektronik has a broad portfolio of modules for wireless communication and sensors for IoT applications. The modules support connectivity via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wireless m-Bus, Wirepas Mesh and proprietary radio protocols. From wireless cable replacement, to radio chips with integrated GNSS module, Würth Elektronik offers components and development support for faster and more cost-effective design of market-ready IoT solutions.

The interaction of Crypto Quantique's QuarkLink security software platform with Würth Elektronik's radio modules will allow thousands of sensor nodes to automatically and securely connect to local or cloud-based servers. The platform enables device provisioning, onboarding, security monitoring, certificate and key renewal and revocation with a few inputs in a graphical user interface. Users thus have all the necessary functions for the management of IoT devices in their life cycle.

Security platform for IoT networks

“Würth Elektronik is often the first choice for radio modules, particularly for industrial IoT applications. The range of products offered along with the extensive support and application expertise is superb,” says Dr. Shahram Mossayebi, CEO of Crypto Quantique, explaining the cooperation. “The addition of QuarkLink to the range further increases the appeal of these products. This makes it faster and easier to deploy and manage secure IoT networks. This is a significant advantage at a time when global threats to such networks are greater than ever."

“We are always interested in offering our customers the best IoT technology, reducing their costs and development effort without compromising performance, reliability or security. In this sense, QuarkLink is a new and important ally”, says Oliver Opitz, Vice President, Wireless Connectivity and Sensors at Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG.