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An industrial smart switch


Moxa adds the SDS-8 series to its Red Dot Award-winning family of products. The new member has Gigabit uplink, XNUMX auxiliary ports, and an easy-to-configure Industrial Automation (AI) profile that makes it easy for automation engineers to quickly process the growing amounts of data generated in the smart manufacturing industry. Moxa always strives to ensure that its service clients achieve interoperability and network integration immediately.

Automation engineers increasingly give more importance to the latent health of their networks to ensure they can reliably keep plants running. This is often achieved by monitoring data and network status from SCADA/HMI, allowing automation engineers to anticipate network downtime.

“We decided to develop the SDS-three thousand series of intelligent industrial switches with the three-two-1 design to facilitate industrial communications. There are 3 pre-configured AI protocols, 2 installation methods, and a single-page information panel to make setup easy. The new SDS-XNUMX series includes a switch Auxiliary DIP with rotating code located at the bottom of the device so that engineers can make quick adjustments according to the profile without needing an internet browser,” says Elsa Liu, product manager at Moxa.

The smart switch is uniquely designed for AI engineers and automation machine builders. The switch includes only the features required by AI engineers and automation machine builders. In addition to this, an essential detail is that it does not require knowledge of IT-based network administration. We think the smart switch is the ideal product for the manufacturing industry and especially for machine builders embracing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and industry forty.

Peculiarities of the SDS-XNUMX series intelligent switch

√ Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switches with 14+2G ports
√ 3 industrial protocols including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus/TCP
√ 2 installation methods with DIN rail and rack mount options
√ One page control panel GUI for easy device configuration and port diagnostic reports
√ One-step configuration facilitates seamless SCADA/HMI/NMS integration
√ Support RSTP/STP/MRP(user) network redundancy
√ Solid size to fit in limited spaces