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Mouser Electronics Introduces Technical Resource Site for Smart Home Device Engineering

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Mouser Electronics, Inc., explores how to seamlessly connect, control and automate all of our home devices with its comprehensive Smart Home Resource Center. Mouser makes it easy and accessible to navigate complex networks like Matter, Thread, and Wi-Fi 6, helping electronics design engineers stay on top of the latest trends. Smart home systems that were previously isolated can be designed to work together.

Informative articles, which explain, for example, how to use integrated graphics and Microchip's Touch Curiosity Kit to enable home automation, allow users to gain knowledge from tailored content, backed by decades of experience from leading industry leaders. sector. Mouser has partnered with leading manufacturers to create this exclusive resource center that documents innovative solutions and cutting-edge products to help designers and industry professionals with their home projects. Readers will be able to build a smarter home with dozens of engaging e-books, articles, and blogs detailing important advances in connectivity.

Mouser stocks the industry's largest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, as well as the following solutions for smart home applications:

  • Qorvo's Wi-Fi 6 and 6E solutions offer broader coverage for the entire smart home, office buildings or outdoor spaces. Featuring multiple RF standards along with Wi-Fi networks, Qorvo's Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filter technology helps designers meet system-level specifications in Wi-Fi 6 and 6E while mitigating cross interference. It is compatible with applications such as office buildings, wireless routers, smart homes, etc.
  • Nordic Semiconductor's nRF6 Wi-Fi 7002 add-on IC provides seamless connectivity and Wi-Fi-based localization, and is designed to be used in conjunction with Nordic's existing nRF products, as well as a wide range of host devices from other vendors. . It also incorporates an nRF5340 host processor connected to the nRF7002 through QSPI.
  • M5Stack's M2.7GO V5 IoT Starter Kit is a cost-effective kit containing one M5GO core controller plus 6 expansion units with different functions. It features a Microsoft Azure authentication device, 16MB of flash memory, and an IPS HD display panel integrated with various hardware peripherals. The kit offers precisely tuned RF circuitry for stable and reliable wireless communication, and a 2-inch IPS display panel. This kit is ideal for STEM education, smart homes, IoT controllers and much more.
  • The ESP32-C6-DevKitC-1 development board from Espressif Systems integrates complete Wi-Fi functions, Bluetooth® LE, Zigbee®, and thread functions, with ports to power the board, as well as for communication with the ESP32-C6 chip. The development board is ideal for applications such as industrial automation, healthcare and smart homes.
  • Amphenol external RF antennas send and receive RF signals and are designed to mate with a wide range of RF connector interfaces or mount directly to a PCB. These antennas are available as monopoles or dipoles and are typically used for high power transmission and reception. These antennas are ideal for wireless routers, set-top boxes, WLAN/WWAN, surveillance cameras and IoT applications.