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Harwin expands its catalog of high-reliability mixed-configuration connectors

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The Gecko-MT range now offers more data/power contact combinations

Harwin announces more contact configuration options for its high reliability Gecko-MT connectors. The new versions, announced at Electronica (Munich), have been added to complement the already existing balanced configurations (2 power/8 signal and 4 power/8 signal).

There are 6 new contact configurations consisting of 2 to 6 power contacts and 4 to 24 signal contacts. Its structure is asymmetric since the power contacts are at one end and the data contacts at the other. The power contacts have a nominal current of 10A, while for the signal contacts it is 2,8A (maximum).

There is a range of hardware fasteners for each contact configuration, so both plugs and sockets can be supplied in either a standard or inverted version. Options are available for front or rear mounting, as well as plate mounting brackets to reduce stress on solder joints. In total, another 72 versions of Gecko-MT connectors have been added.

Like all Gecko connectors belonging to the Harwin HRi Product Offering, these new versions are characterized by their high resilience against shocks and vibrations, compact size and lightweight construction. Its operating temperature range is from -65°C to +150°C and its durability is 1000 connection cycles as a minimum. Evaluation samples can be requested.

As Ryan Smart, Harwin's Head of Product Management, points out: “Our Gecko-MT range has already proven popular with our customers in the aviation, space and high-end industrial markets. These components offer a very effective way to reduce the number of components and the footprint on the printed circuit board by supplying both power and data. We have developed several versions as a result of customer demand for a greater variety of options. There are now many more power and signal configuration options that complement all of our versions for the clamping mechanism.”

All new Harwin Gecko-MT connectors are delivered quickly from stock. The company also provides a wiring service for all Gecko connectors, all ready-to-use and fully inspected.