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Fluke Announces Major Expansion of Premium Care Support Plans for Industrial Instruments

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Customers can reduce downtime by ensuring the accuracy, reliability and compliance of acoustic cameras, power quality analyzers and other instruments with Fluke Premium Care plans

Fluke has announced the expansion of its Premium Care support plans to include a wide range of market-leading instruments for industrial and electrical applications.

Fluke Premium Care covers common instrument calibration and performance testing to ensure compliance with the latest regulations, as well as repair and replacement of damaged accessories. Maximum technical support is also offered so that customers can more quickly overcome the challenges presented by their critical equipment.

Selected instruments from the range of Acoustic Cameras, Power Quality Analyzers and Recorders, Multifunction Photovoltaic Performance Testers and Analyzers, ScopeMeters, Motor Drive Analyzers and Process Calibrators can now be covered with Fluke Premium Care.

Chris Ulfig, Technical Sales Manager at Fluke, stressed that Premium Care should not be viewed as additional coverage or an extended warranty.

“Fluke Premium Care is a way to ensure that any disruption that affects production and performance is minimized, thus maintaining business continuity for our customers,” he stated.

“Less downtime means higher productivity, increased efficiency, higher profits and happier end users. Furthermore, fully calibrated equipment is not only more reliable, but also safer, and safety is non-negotiable. “Fluke Premium Care eliminates the worry of accidental damage or compliance, calibration or performance testing to get the most out of your instruments.”

Testing, calibration and compliance

A cost-effective way for customers to keep their instruments in top condition, Fluke Premium Care provides coverage beyond the original product warranty, helping users avoid unplanned downtime due to equipment failure. broken test, accessories or instruments that need to be calibrated or repaired.

Annual cost comparisons show that Fluke Premium Care can save thousands of dollars on equipment maintenance and repair. This plan also offers support to customers who need to calibrate or test the performance of their industrial instruments annually.

Fluke Premium Care calibration and performance maintenance service ensures that test instruments always provide accurate results and comply with the latest regulations. With fast calibration, repair and shipping, Fluke customers can also save time and get back to work with maximum levels of efficiency, safety and productivity in the workplace.

Accuracy and reliability reduce operating costs and increase return on investment

The Fluke ii900 Industrial Acoustic Camera and ii910 Precision Acoustic Camera now come bundled with a one- or three-year Fluke Premium Care plan. Fluke acoustic cameras offer maintenance teams the fastest way to accurately locate air, gas and vacuum leaks in compressed gas systems. These seemingly minor problems can significantly affect a company's operating costs: a single 3mm leak in a compressed air line can cost more than $2.500 a year according to the US Department of Energy for Industrial Technologies.

Additionally, a 100 HP air compressor consumes about $50.000 in electricity per year and can waste up to 30% of that energy pressurizing leaky air lines. It is highly advantageous to use equipment that has been tested for annual performance to ensure accuracy, reliability and safety when inspecting large areas or hazardous environments at a distance of up to 50m.

In measurement instruments used to generate safety and performance reports, such as power quality analyzers or multifunction testers, periodic calibration is essential to ensure compliance and ensure accurate and conclusive measurements. With Fluke Premium Care, your return on investment in Fluke's market-leading electrical and industrial instruments is substantially increased.

Direct access to experts

“Fluke industrial and electrical instruments are known for their rugged design and safety, but instruments and accessories can suffer accidental damage, especially when the equipment is used by inexperienced or minimally trained users,” Ulfig said.

“Calibration and performance testing are also essential to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the equipment. “Fluke Premium Care ensures customers have direct access to electrical and industrial instrumentation experts who can help them reduce downtime, increase performance, control their expenses and save money in the process.”

Fluke Premium Care is a comprehensive solution that offers greater peace of mind for electrical contractors and maintenance technicians working in residential, commercial and industrial sectors, as well as those responsible for purchasing electrical and industrial testing equipment.