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Compact 750W 60kV power supply offers flexibility and control in high power electron beam and semiconductor processing applications

ft xp power series

XP Power has just launched a new range of high voltage power solutions that offer the flexibility and control that semiconductor applications demand. The units will be of particular interest to electrical design engineers and system integration engineers working in ion implantation, electron beam welding and electron beam additive manufacturing, as well as many other application sectors.

The new FT series answers the challenges faced by engineers with limited experience in high-voltage integration and tight project schedules. Housed in a compact 1U 19″ rack enclosure, the new devices halve the height of many existing solutions on the market, meeting the growing demand for low-profile solutions.

The FT series offers output voltage models up to 60kV at 750W, both in positive and negative polarity, and allows programming of both current and voltage from 0 to 100%, offering the highest possible level of flexibility and control. The lower output voltage ripple makes the product ideal for higher output high voltage applications.

A variety of included control interfaces, such as local, analog, and digital RS232/USB, make it easy to integrate with almost any system. Ethernet is also available as an easy to specify option.

FT series units offer efficiency levels up to 90%. This reduces running costs and contributes to achieving carbon neutrality targets, while minimizing heat generation, allowing it to be used in space-constrained applications.

All FT drives are air-cooled, allowing the drives to run cooler than competitive encapsulated drives, keeping component temperatures low and increasing drive life. Should maintenance become necessary, air-cooled power supplies can be serviced at the discrete component level, saving cost and eliminating waste.

All FT Series units are CE marked for Electromagnetic Compatibility and Low Voltage Directive (LVD), as well as meeting RoHS requirements and major safety standards such as EN61010/IEC61010. A three-year warranty is offered as standard, increasing confidence in the robust character of these compact and versatile power solutions.

The FT series is available direct from XP Power