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Arrow Electronics Publishes Embedded Security Solutions eBook

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Arrow Electronics has published an eBook that covers all the security considerations that developers of embedded products should take into account to help minimize the vulnerability of their products to threats, both malicious and accidental.

Understanding that security has many pieces and that breaches often occur at the weakest link, Arrow has compiled a checklist of the ten essentials for strong security and details them in the eBook. Arrow has drawn on his experience, and that of its broad portfolio of vendors, to develop a security guide for anyone developing an embedded or connected device today. The company describes how to put it into practice, from initial design to system implementation, as well as throughout the supply chain.

In addition to mapping which parts of a device need protection, the hardware and software that can offer that protection, and a glossary of key security terms and concepts, the book also details a selection of products from Arrow vendors that can form the foundation. of reliable integrated security solutions.

Arrow's Embedded Security Solutions eBook is available for download here.