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Arrow Electronics Creates Robotics Center of Excellence to Power Intelligent Edge Technology and Advanced Automation

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Analog Devices has demoed the first solution for the Robotics Center of Excellence initiative at Sensors Converge

Arrow Electronics and its company eInfochips have established a Robotics Center of Excellence to help customers shorten time to market for the development of cutting-edge automation solutions in manufacturing, digital factories and other sectors.

Arrow has partnered with world technology leaders Analog Devices (ADI), NVIDIA and Onsemi to develop reference designs and proofs of concept that robotics customers can leverage to improve product design.

Arrow has made investments in resources, including engineers, hardware, software, and simulators. NVIDIA platforms include Jetson, Isaac Sim, Omniverse, Metropolis, TAO Toolkit, TensorRT, and Triton Inference Server modules and development kits. Additionally, Arrow will take advantage of open source tools such as ROS and Gazebo. The Robotics Center of Excellence aims to help innovators with solutions and reference designs for common robotics tasks: perception, navigation and planning.

The opening of the Robotics Center of Excellence comes at a time when the use of robotics will soon be ubiquitous. According to the International Federation of Robotics, robots and cobots (collaborative robots) in industrial manufacturing have doubled in the last five years. There is a growing need for robots to operate safely, accurately, and efficiently in a variety of environments, while ensuring their ability to identify objects in the environment and interact with them. These requirements make the development of robotic solutions challenging.

“The rapid adoption of edge artificial intelligence, as well as applications such as autonomous machines, will revolutionize digital manufacturing to enable the deployment and growth of Industry 4.0,” said Aiden Mitchell, senior vice president of global marketing and engineering at Arrow Electronics. "Arrow Electronics is proud to work with ADI to create a center of excellence that empowers Intelligent Edge technology through design services capabilities, reducing technology complexities and shortening time to market."

Customers can rely on the Robotics Center of Excellence to help deliver cutting-edge, innovative robotics solutions, speed up and de-risk design cycles, leverage ADI sensor technologies along with computing platform products and development kits for robotics, and a world-class support team to plan and manage your product roadmap and lifecycles.

«ADI and Arrow Electronics are collaborating to develop advanced automation solutions, such as industrial robotics, for the broad customer base in the market,” said Leo McHugh, ADI Vice President of Industrial Automation. "Integrating ADI's latest modular solutions with state-of-the-art AI modules, complex algorithms, and simulation tools from NVIDIA will allow our customers to focus on their specific applications and bring solutions to market faster".

The Robotics Center of Excellence is already creating breakthroughs. The first solution from the Robotics Center of Excellence initiative, the VSLAM and Sensor Fusion algorithms using ADI CMOS TOS and IMU, has been demonstrated at Sensors Converge in San Jose, California (booth 1034).

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