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On behalf of Agilent Technologies, I am pleased to invite you to the Seminar

“Dielectric Characterization of Materials and Solutions in Impedance Measurement”

that will take place during the months of February and March in the following cities:


Burgos (February 4, 2014):

Valladolid (February 5, 2014):

Faculty of Science

University of Burgos

Plaza Misael Bañuelos García, s/n

Telecommunications ETSI
University of Valladolid
Cemetery Road, s/n

Madrid (February 6, 2014):

Puerto Real, Cádiz (February 11, 2014):

Telecommunications EUIT
Polytechnic University of Madrid
Ctra. of Valencia, km. 7 – South Campus

Faculty of Nautical Sciences

Cadiz University

San Pedro River Campus

Cordoba (February 12, 2014):

Ciudad Real (February 13, 2014):

Faculty of Sciences – Department of Physics

University of Cordoba

Rabanales Campus – Ed. C-2 (Albert Einstein)

ETSI Industrial

Castilla-La Mancha university

Ciudad Real University Campus


Barcelona (February 18, 2014):

Tarragona (February 19, 2014):

Faculty of Physics

Universitat de Barcelona

Martí i Franquès, 1


STD of Engineering

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Sescelades Campus – Sant Pere i Sant Pau


Santander (February 25, 2014):

Madrid (February 26, 2014):

ETSII and Telecommunications

University of Cantabria

Science Square – Avda. de los Castros, s/n


Faculty of Physics

Complutense University of Madrid

Avda. Complutense, s/n – University City


Alcoy, Alicante (February 27, 2014):

Murcia (February 28, 2014):

Polytechnic University of Valencia

Plaça Ferrándiz i Carbonell, s/n

Alcoy Campus


Faculty of Chemistry
University of Murcia
Espinardo University Campus


Gijón (March 4, 2014):

Santiago de Compostela (March 7, 2014):

Polytechnic School

University of Oviedo

Viesques Multipurpose Building – Gijón Campus


Hotel NH Obradoiro

Avenida do Burgo das Naciones, s/n




The current trends in electronics force professionals to make the most of the limited budget for measurement, optimizing the performance of the instrumentation. Knowledge of existing measurement solutions and their capabilities is essential to shorten the design/development and testing cycle, as well as to obtain accurate and successful results.


In this free seminar we will address the measurement of impedance in materials and devices, from its fundamentals to advanced configurations; explaining different impedance measurement techniques in materials and devices, as well as the differences between them and the fields of application. Detailing the pros and cons of the different connections between the test equipment and the device under test and how to perform proper calibration and compensation to obtain accurate results.


We will also explain how to perform the dielectric characterization of a material, different measurement techniques available with their different practical aspects and how to select the most appropriate one at all times based on the characteristics of the material to be measured. we will show how to use a state-of-the-art portable vector network analyzer in dielectric characterization of materials, allowing us not only to make precise measurements wherever they are needed but also to get the most out of today's tight budgets.


The seminar agenda will be as follows:





09:00 - 09:10

Presentation and Welcome

09:10 - 10:45

Challenges and Solutions in Impedance Measurements

10:45 - 11:15


11:15 - 12:45

Dielectric Characterization Methods of Materials

12:45 - 13:30

Practical Aspects of Measurement of Materials



Registration for this seminar is free and the number of places is limited.

You can register through the page websitescalling 91 631 33 00, or if you prefer, send a message with your contact details to contactcenter_spain@agilent.com, specifying the day and place you want to attend.