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More protection with a safety-tested microcontroller


Offers maximum security, low consumption and touch detection

Implement proven security practices and countermeasures to protect against a wide variety of known physical and remote attacks in the IoT, industrial, consumer, and medical markets.

Our PIC32CM LS60 is the first ultra-low power microcontroller on the market that integrates a “High” rated JIL secure subsystem and Arm® TrustZone in a single package. This family offers robust security, very low power consumption, enhanced touch detection, and intelligent analog circuitry running at 48 MHz with memory configurations up to 512 KB Flash and 64 KB SRAM.

Main features

  • Trust Platform simplifies various stages of development, from providing secure keys to prototyping and mass production.
  • PicoPower technology and intelligent analog circuitry in our new PIC32CM LS60 microcontroller deliver the lowest possible power consumption through innovative features such as two levels of performance and SleepWalking peripherals.
  • Advanced Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) with Driven Shield Plus that enables touch sensing in the presence of moisture and noise to design exceptional touch interfaces.