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future architectures

The role of Ethernet in zonal architectures and automotive telematics

By Klaus Neuenhueskes, Senior Director of Semiconductor Marketing, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH Introduction With the introduction of increasingly intelligent advanced security systems,...

High power power supply system for power supply facilities.

Case Study From OLFER Electronics we present a success case of our distributor MEAN WELL. In XNUMX, the energy solution of the...
electronic devices

What are electronic devices?

Electronic devices are devices that use electronic components organized in circuits and perform the function of controlling and harnessing electrical signals with...
dirk finstel

Powerful performance and promising prospects

Since the introduction of the Zen microarchitecture, AMD's processors have been increasingly ahead of their archenemy Intel. Comparative analyses...

Connectivity becomes reality with the help of new power solutions from...

Demand for internet bandwidth continues to rise, while terrestrial bandwidth has been slow to respond. This is...
knx dating

What is KNX Secure data transmission?

Intelligent control systems are advancing by leaps and bounds, and new technologies are continually appearing that we only imagined in the movies (how...
embedded processor architecture

Which embedded processor architecture will lead the next decade?

Ankur Tomar, Solutions Marketing Manager at Farnell, analyzes the different options available and highlights the pros and cons that could make the difference...
chip fuses

How to ensure the protection of circuits, high-speed data and the...

The need for reliable circuit protection, high-speed communications, and compact power conversion solutions in power systems...
rigol oscilloscopes

How the Bode plot extends the applications of the oscilloscope

Introduction In almost all electronic circuits, filters are used for many different frequency ranges, from a few hertz to HF. A filter allows...
connection technology

Pluggable connection technology for energy storage

High-level security with low installation costs When installing energy storage systems, attention is focused on three...