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High Voltage Power Supply Application

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Author: Weiqiang Wu, Technical Service Center by MEAN WELL

Translation: Marketing Department of Olfer Electronics.

Lthe power supplies switched are the result of development of power electronics and are currently widely used in most electrical devices in many industries, such as communication radio frequency transmission equipment, solid-state microwave equipment, intelligent robotics, logistics sorting systems, new energy systems, and other fields. They are widely used in electronic power systems, these devices are undoubtedly the key component, and their prospects are promising.

Technological progress promotes the innovation of these products. In recent years, Power supply development is geared towards high frequency, high power density, high power factor, high efficiency, increasing reliability and intelligence. The market is constantly innovating, particularly the compromise with sustainability. The launch of “green” and modular power supplies has played a key role in the energy saving, low consumption and environmental protection, effectively alleviating energy and environmental crises.

The structural development of the electronic power industry It has greatly promoted the market demand for high-power power supplies. MEAN WELL and OLFER Electronics distribute a wide variety of power supplies both monophasic as triphasic high power, such as RST-5000/10000 series, SHP-10K, etc. The output voltage and current can be controlled by the function PV/PC or the communication interface with Canbus/PMBus/mod bus. In addition, there are two cooling options to choose from, air and water cooling, which can meet the application requirements of power systems in various industries.

Next, we find ourselves before three real cases.

First case

In the illustration, the SHP-10K-55 is installed in the osolid state microwave oscillator as follows, providing highly stable DC voltage power to the power level microwave power circuit. The solid-state microwave oscillator then supplies controllable and precise power to associated equipment, such as industrial microwave heating equipment, industrial microwave drying equipment, microwave plasma equipment, etc.

microwave oscillator
Figure 1. Application of the solid-state microwave oscillator

Second case

The PHP-3500-48 is installed in the weather radar system and satellite communication which can function as a DC power supply for radio frequency or pulse transmission equipment. It is equipped with a water cooling plate for heat dissipation, providing a robust and highly reliable power solution for the entire system.

radio frequency transmission
Figure 2. Radio frequency transmission application

Third case 

The RST-10000-48 is installed in the hydrogen production equipment system by electrolysis of water, and as a direct current power supply for the electrolyser electrodes. Water molecules undergo electrochemical reactions and break down into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen production determines the power of the power supply.

hydrogen production system
Figure 3. Application of the hydrogen production system by electrolysis of water

Source of information: https://www.olfer.com/mean-well-aplicacion-fuente-alimentacion-alto-voltaje.html

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