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A medical power supply saves a life, MEAN WELL and OLFER Electronics can help!

From OLFER Electronics we inform that we join the enormous effort and work that MEAN WELL is making in the manufacture of medical power supplies and to be able to distribute all these devices in the fastest and most efficient way, which can save lives in this daily fight against COVID -19.
With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world at the end of January, MEAN WELL is overwhelmed with requests from medical sources from all over the world, especially for ventilators, nucleic acid detectors, mask making machines, and temperature measurement equipment. Among all the demands for medical devices, life support equipment such as patient monitors and ventilators are the most urgent. In order to lessen the emergency and save more lives, MEAN WELL quickly arranged for the Suzhou Headquarters (SZMW) to adapt special production lines for the mass production of devices for medical equipment. Meanwhile, SZMW's original production capacity was allocated to its factories in Taiwan and Guangzhou. Now, these medical supplies are the priority and their distribution will start from May 1st. As a leading power supply brand, MEAN WELL has been deeply devoted to the medical power supplies industry for a long time. At present, its entire product portfolio in the medical sector covers more than 500 models (1-1200W).
Kevin Chen, Director of Operations at MEAN WELL tells us: “MEAN WELL's work rate resumption reached 100% at the end of March. However, many components still cannot be procured in time, due to countries' lockdown policies. To solve this problem, we started the “One Component Saves a Life” plan with all our resources together. Without the strong support of our supplier partners, key components for medical source supplies could not be successfully sourced. After integrating all customers and sourcing power supplies from the local government, MEAN WELL immediately rearranges the production lines of three factories and works overtime to meet the demands. We do everything we can to help. Let's fight the pandemic together!"
MEAN WELL Marketing Director Alex Tsai notes: “Every power supply carries a life. The epidemic is much worse than expected. However, MEAN WELL is fully prepared and committed to rapid manufacturing and distribution. I appreciate all the colleagues, supplies, efforts and support of the distributor partners. This war with the pandemic will end. Let's fight together! Turn your face towards the sun and all the shadows will be left behind. “We are proud to be a 'Taiwan Brand' and have the largest power supply supply market share in the world. MEAN WELL has been focusing on the industrial power supply market for nearly 40 years, and has won the Taiwan Excellence Award for consecutive years. MEAN WELL is prepared to help customers and local governments overcome difficulties and solve the difficult situation of lack of resources in medical equipment. Let's unite and save lives. MEAN WELL is helping! Taiwan is helping!